Offbeat Homestay in Lungchu amongst Nature


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Lungchu Nature is a newly discovered offbeat destination in North Bengal. Lungchu is just a weekend get away or a trip lasting for several days.Lungchu is an unexplored place which really gives you a chance to see the natural beauty and it's best without any human interference. Lungchu a small peaceful village and provide a better escape for someone looking forward to getting away from the crowd. 

Why visit Lungchu 

Lungchu will suit only to a particular type of tourists the ones who like to explore new places and visit silent offbeat Locations.If your idea of a trip is to go shopping, eat out at fancy restaurants, party, do tons of tourists activities and go sightseeing to a whole bunch of places then Lungchu will disappoint you.If however, you would like to enjoy amazing visit as, witness great Nature beauty, sit at balcony and enjoying the silence, only disturbed by a distant sound of Changey Water Falls and Birds Chirping.Do nothing all day long and experience the Nature's panoramic View changes with the Sun's position.Lungchu is famous for its scenic background. 

Where is Lungchu 

Lungchu is located in the states of West Bengal, at an altitude of 1,600 meters (5,250 foot) and about 120 km from New Jalpaiguri and 76 km from the nearest Railway Station New Mal Junction. West Bengal and Sikkim border is around 9 km from Lungchu Nature stay. 

What to see in Lungchu 

There is no long list of places to visit in Lungchu.It is just a small village and the natural beauty is it's prine attraction.It is surrounded by Neora Valley National Park consisting of pines, tall oaks, and old deodar trees.It is also be a good spot for bird watching.It is one of the best places if you are looking for a picture destination to spend your holidays in the hill Station.It is good destination to spend your holidays in complete quiet with a 180-degree panoramic view of the Mt.Kanchenjunga with it's full glory along with other peaks of Eastern Himalaya which include Pandim, Kabru, Siniolchu. The view of Rishikhola River,Lava Monastery and Changey falls also mesmerize you. 

Things to do in Lungchu 

Just Walking around in the village, enjoying the natural visit as and relaxing all day long. Nature walks, Bird watching and photography are some of the other things to do here.The whole setting of the village will present you with great opportunities to click stunning landscape pictures.The clear skies at night, free of any pollution and lit with numerous stars, are great to get dome star trail shots. There are also a few easy treks that you can try from Lungchu like, trek to Rishokhols River,Alubari view point & forest of Neora Valley. The Rachela pass trek is one of the most famous ones. The Rachela pass at an elevation of 3152 Mtr, is the highest point of Rachela (Neora Valley) trek & virtually the tri-junction of Sikkim, Bhutan and Bengal.Rachela trekking trail is one of the lesser explored trail.This trek will take you to an unexplored Himalayan forest with treasure of Flaura & Fauna in Neora Valley National Park.This trek route goes through the uninhabited virgin tracks of sub-tropical alpine forest.This trek presents a rare variety of wildlife, ranging from the Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda and even tigers.

 Sightseeing from Lungchu 

Changey Falls is 2 km Walking distance from Lungchu Nature stay.By hiring a car you can visit nearby places like Lava Monastery, Lolegaon Hanging Bridge, Kolakham, Ryshope, Kalingpong, Delo Park, Cactus Garden, Rishikhola River, Aritar and Mulkharka lake. 

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